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 Appleby Glamping pod for 8

How does getting the gang together, of upto EIGHT people, Glamping in a huge wooden camping pod sound! This great offer from Groupon enables just that for only £59 for the lot of you - Which works out at just £7.50 each if all eight 'Glamp' and split the cost!
 Appleby Glamping Hive, Wild Rose Holiday Park

If you're on a budget, or are looking for something a little different, check out these great glamping 'hives' at Wild Rose holiday park, Appleby! They sleep up to four and are just £69 through this great Groupon offer - Which works out at only £18 per person!
 Appleby Glamping, Wild Rose Park

Ever wanted to try camping but without all the hassle of setting up a tent, worrying about heating, faffing to make a brew or finding somewhere to chill your food?  Well you could give glamping a go in one of the glamping harripods at Wild Rose holiday park, Appleby!